Earth Challenge Wk2 – Reusables

My blog posts work in conjunction with my Instagram account. In my account, I only mentioned re-usable coffee cups. But reusable we apply on everything! Please check my instagram account and if you like my posts, follow me!

Say ‘NO’ to plastic bottles
We do not buy bottled water anymore. We carry (rather I carry) water bottles everywhere even at parties. We can also refill them at water stations (bubblers) at the park or shopping centres. We reduce our waste and also save some money. No plastic bottled soft drink either.

My hard-hitting investigative journalistic uni years are unfortunately over …
I still have to do some in-depth research on this heavy subject – but water being bottled by corporations from our waterways to be sold to the people?! Drink tap water, get a water filter if that will make you feel better. Put some lemon in your drink, some mint – maybe cucumber? Don’t buy bottled water anymore.

Women’s Business
Yes, I have bought reusable period underwear and period pads. Inconvenient? Yes! Having your period is always inconvenient anyway. Expensive? Yes and no but you save money overtime. It’s for the greater good to use them. Our grandmother’s did; and our grandmother’s grandmother – they managed!

Cottonballs/Facial wipes
I will admit that I still have a stash somewhere – for cleaning the kids’ wound if they hurt themselves. I haven’t used it to take make-up off for a year now? Body shop has a gentle yet powerful make-up remover and cloth – it wipes your face clean. You can also gently massage it off with your special face cleanser and a facial brush. There’s are plenty of options to clean our face.
Call me hypocritical, we do use nappy wipes still to clean my daughters bum. She is 3 now, so we are almost graduating from baby wipes.

Reusable bags
This is the most obvious one of course. I TRY to use them all the time. Some days though, it wasn’t my plan to buy but I would walk pass the green grocer and remember I need fruit for the kids’ lunch. Yes, I should have a spare one in my bag. But I used it yesterday in a similar situation and forgot to put it back in my bag.

I actually line my bin at home (rubbish bin, garbage can) with plastic shopping bags and plastic packaging. So, I am repurposing the bag. But it still ends up in landfill. I get so many plastic packaging – my fruit is packaged in it, the vegetables, kids’ snacks … whatever I buy, it’s wrapped in plastic.

We need to demand Coles and Woolies to amp up their conservation game. There are minute improvements with the use of cardboard boxes but there is still too much plastic. Aldi is committed to reduce is plastic packaging by 2025. Well done Aldi!

Please tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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