Earth Challenge 3 – Palm Oil Free Products

I am exercising my power as a buyer, to demand products that are environmentally friendly. One particular thing I focused on (cause there are plenty of earth-friendly product “categories”) – items that do not contain palm oil. Some companies would put “vegetable oil” to deceive buyers, but you have to do more research.

Long story short, massive deforestation in Indonesia (and Malaysia) to make way for Palm oil plantations. Outcome, animals displaced – particularly Orangutangs. I have seen some of the videos, it’s devastating, I’m in tears watching. We humans are the “animals.” We can do better! We will do better.

According to WWF, it is estimated that about 50% of packaged supermarket items contain palm oil. I just want to buy lollies or treats for the kids. Yet here I am, on the bloody computer reading company’s environmental sustainability policies and community programmes.

I have provided a link below of items that are free from palm oil – hazelnut spreads, soaps, margarine. I have included this SPECIFIC brand items on my shopping list so I do grab the right things off the shelves.

I have some links at the bottom of this post for further reading. The YouTube videos focus on farming and touch a tiny bit on deforestation towards the end. They are eye openers. They have nothing to gain except to tell the truth and are actually endangering their lives in doing so.

Please add your thoughts to the comments below. This can be a controversial issue so please be nice with your words.

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