Earth Challenge 5 – Support Wildlife and Environmental Charities

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Support those that are actually fighting for change. It is sad to say that the Australian government are looking after the best interest of big corporations and their pockets rather than what is best of Australia – the people and the environment. Everything is easier said than done but if we have that mentality – we will never improve and evolve to something greater.

Donate to charities if you can afford, support them by sharing their work in social media and by giving them accolade.

I occasionally donate to Save The Bees and The Rescue Collective.

I bought some seeds from Save The Bees and I can’t wait to sprinkle them in my garden come close to springtime. I can’t wait for the bees to come. I have more flowers waiting for them.

During the bush fires 2019, I am glad a donated to organisations that are actually in the forefront of the calamity – The Rescue Collective. The money was actually spent where it is needed – not trapped in corporate policies and endless paperwork.

I also have donated against Adani litigations.

I’ve written to companies – Westpac and Greyhound Bus – involved with mining; pleading not to support Adani . I’m doing my absolute best to show disapproval for ransacking Australian outback for a buck. Do I have nothing else better to do? No! Is it better to eat cake and drink coffee? Yes. But all that’s gonna do is make me fat. I want to make a difference!

Do I use coal and gas energy. Of course. I have NO choice. We have installed solar panels and our bill has gone down A LOT. But prior to this we were conserving a lot of energy already by switching everything off when I can. I hardly use the clothes dryer. Am I making life harder for myself? Yes! I am reducing my carbon footprint? Yes!

There are no horns to toot. I am simply sacrificing a few coffees a week. I just give myself a big pat on the back; being a good example to my kids and those around me. I am hoping that my actions today will contribute to the global movement against fossil fuels and pro-sustainability.

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Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God 🙏🏽

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