Sky Safari – Taronga Zoo Cable Car

Short video of our dramatic cable car ride.

The most exciting way to get yourself to Taraonga Zoo  is by ferry from Circular Quay and the Sky Safari cable car!

We caught the ferry from Sydney Olympic Park wharf (Wentworth Point) to Circular Quay. Then changed ferry at Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo. For a family of five (one being 3.5 year old),  we paid $24 for a one way ferry trip. (So, it’s another $24 to go back home.)

Once we hopped out of the ferry, we climbed up a long set of stairs and hopped on to the cable car. You can also take the bus if height is not your thing.

Height is not my thing, but we took the cable car anyway. It was an exhilarating and breathtaking experience for me. Also, a little scary. I couldn’t video our descent to the zoo because I was clinging on to my seat because of fear. My daughter Summer was the same. Everybody else loved it so, so, so much.

The view of the city in the horizon (depending on where you are seated) is jaw dropping. The Sydney Harbour just always made me feel lucky to call  Sydney my home. It is such a beautiful city. The Opera House is so iconic.

You can also view the ‘safari’ down below and observe the animals from above. It was like a bird’s eye view of the zoo. I love that perspective. I spotted the elephants from the distance.

The entrance fee is $124 for a family of 5 – 2 adults,  2 x child + baby/toddler.  Depending where you live, it is  better value for money to you grab a family pass for only  $198 (plus fees) and you can visit everyday of the year if you wish! Here is the link of membership prices if you want further information.

This video of us in the cable car is as we are leaving the zoo. It has been a long day and the last call for the  cars were being made (roughly 3pm). Summer was really scared of the ride. Willow was trying to comfort her. She is also a little confused of Jack and Summer’s kerfuffle. Clearly, they should be enjoying the ride and the view rather than ‘fighting.’

I hope you enjoy our little story and video! Enjoy your day!

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