Family Cycling Adventure

I am very thankful for Covid. I am not saying that lightly and candidly. It is evil. It caused (and still does) so many deaths, anxiety, depression, job loss … a surmountable number of evil things. There’s a lot of questions. Who do we blame? Who is at fault? When will it end? Will we go back to ‘normal’ again?

There are a lot of questions we don’t have the answer to. It is also beyond my control. What I have control over is my actions and thoughts after the fact. Yes, I was angry and depressed at first but I eventually wiped the tears off my eyes and got my big ass off the couch and onto a bicycle.

I have a fixation on cycling rural france and devouring food at French markets. (I watched too many intrepid traveling shows.)

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH … Instead of just dreaming, talking and blogging about my dream. I finally did it. Not cycle France but cycle the beautiful Sydney West/Norwest/Inner West with my family. It was quite fun!

So, far we have done Rouse Hill to Wentworth Point and back. (Not in the same day. We have a 3.5 year old that will need to be strapped up to 6 hours for us to do that. That would be abuse.)

We like cycling around Rouse Hill – so many beautiful cycling tracks. We cycle to the Town Centre, to school and to Essence my fave café. We cycle to The Ponds for breakfast, Meadow Bank and surrounds along the Parramatta river; and most recently Windsor to visit the Sunday market.

Please enjoy our cycling video. This ride was from Rouse Hill to Wentworth Point (near Homebush.) We were on busy roads and along the beautiful Parramatta river. Almost six hours of cycling jammed into 13 minutes. I hope you enjoy the scenes. Willow is constantly talking, singing and making noises! What a chatterbox.

Published by Ruby West

Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God 🙏🏽

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