NAIDOC Week 2021 will be held from Sunday 4 July to Sunday 11 July.

The theme is #healcountry
To better explain the concept please read from the organisation itself.

I get too passionate and political about racism but I can’t help myself. I have been unfollowed because of my views. It’s easy for those who did not suffer from it to just say “move on” and not validate our hurt from the past.

Why do I care? I have been a victim of the odd racial slur. We need to educate each other learn from our mistakes and make it right for everyone.

I am an ally and obviously not Aboriginal. Although I have been called a sister when I lived and studied in the city. πŸ’•

Memory is stored in cells and are passed on to the next generation according to my university lecturer. (Further support: Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton)

I remember when I was approached in the crowd and the person’s icebreaker was our heritage – him being from Spain and I am from the Philippines.  My immediate reaction was – “Ah yes – you killed our men and raped our women.” πŸ˜‚ Way to make friends Ruby!

Even when I went to Spain I wasn’t as excited. So funny though that people spoke to me in Spanish. Though I bear a Spanish last name I doubt that there is Spanish blood in me.

My mum further educated me that Kastilas (Spaniards) married each other even when they lived in the Philippines.

I also learnt that there was only a small influx of Spanish people that lived in Philippines compared to South America.

Until now, Filipinos idolised mestizos and mestizas  and use cream to lighten up their skin. They should love and be proud of the skin they are born in.

I want my children  to love their heritage, their skin and everything about them. I want them to love themselves as much as I love them. To my eyes they are perfection.

My husband is so proud that his kids have Filipino blood. He often describes Jack’s clothing (with a bit of humour) – colourful Filipino boy. Jack certainly got his dress sense from my mother. πŸ˜‚

Okay, this story has now become about me! I am trying to give you background how I identify with Australia’s First Nation.

Naidoc is a platform to set the wrong things RIGHT. Stop the ignorance. Be educated.

Find out more how to celebrate by visiting

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Published by Ruby West

Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God πŸ™πŸ½

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