Excess Baggage

I just want to wish one and all a HAPPY New Year! I wish a brighter 2022 for you.

I have a few points I hope you will consider:
↪ As cliché as it sounds – reach for the stars. Be amongst the stars … shine brightly amongst other stars!

↪ SPARKLE! I have been talking about this for years, so finally, I am taking my own advice.

I valued loyalty and history but if it is hurting my heart, stopping me from BEING and from growing – I will HAPPILY let go of that friendship along with the pain and the hurt and the anger!

↪ There is no better feeling than letting go of unwanted BAGGAGE.

↪ My mantra, I embraced in my 20s up to now – The TRUTH shall set me free. I will be carrying on in the 2022. 🎉

↪ Find the positives in every dark alley. I just had to refer to my 3rd image in this post. It was unexpected find whilst looking for ice-cream for the kids! LoL

⬇ Please leave in the comments below what you are leaving in 2021. And/or the word you will live by in 2022. ⬇

Images by hubby of the year!
Photoshop colour editing by me!

1️⃣ An even tighter alley at The Rocks decorated with multi-coloured hanging stars along it. Ruby – posing – mouth agape in wonder and admiration.
2️⃣ Ruby’s reaching for the so called hanging stars in the tight alley.
3️⃣ Photos of the hanging stars in the alley.

Published by Ruby West

Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God 🙏🏽

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