Songbirds by Christy Lefteri

This book does not have the most elegant of all topics – domestic helpers overseas. Who wants to read about that? Reading is for escapism. Domestic helpers overseas sounds depressing. And it is! Sadly.

But I grabbed hold of Songbirds book, put it closed to my heart and could not put it down. I shared the joy and sadness of the main character Nishi. I had a roller coaster of emotions. I cried. I chuckled. I felt hope. I felt despair.

I know some of these stories. Some are my country women. As a young child in Manila (Philippines), I observed – they were my neighbours, parishioners; they were my relatives. I know their beauty, their resilience, their spirit and sacrifices for their families. This book made me see them in a different light. These women are also precious and their lives delicate.

What’s apparent is Christy’s eloquent telling of stories. Foremost, depicting and likening these workers to songbirds. I am amazed with the beauty of this parallelism and how effective it is in conveying the message.

Songbirds is very beautiful book. Put it on your list to read now.

Published by Ruby West

Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God 🙏🏽

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