Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop

by Roselle Lim

Talk about a modern-day magical fairytale story. This book is it! It’s light, humorous, imaginative and very entertaining.

Vanessa has a super power which will require her to live a lonely life. She fights this power and gains a new one.

There are many things about this book. Mainly for me – family is everything. Family is always in your business but ultimately always has your back.

It is also a foodies book. Lots of talk about family’s obsession with good food. It mentioned a favourite childhood dish back home in the Philippines – Sinigang. My mouth watered. My heart smiled.

I found out after reading the book that the author Roselle Lim is an American-Chinese-Filipino. NO WONDER. Food = family = love. Sharing food brings family together and strengthens the bond. Filipinos love language must be food.

The book felt very familiar to me like a bowl of Sinigang with rice. It was warm in my belly and made my heart full.

Published by Ruby West

Doing small things with great love. Girl with extraordinary love for her family, life, earth and God πŸ™πŸ½

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