The Tea Ladies

A book launch with Amanda Hampson

I had such a fabulous night. I spent some time with Amanda Hampson.Β 

She spoke about her latest book. I can’t wait to read The Tea Ladies … (and her 6 other books for that matter particularly her very first novel The Olive Sisters. Have started The French Perfumer prior meeting her.)

I had a different idea of what tea ladies were; maybe something similar to ladies who lunch and/or love to have high teas aka me.

Also, the slangs – “the tea,” “spill the tea” and “serve tea” is far from the what the book is about.

So happy to be there to absorb and grow my knowledge about the culture and life in Sydney in the 1960s.

To write the book she obviously did some historical research, interviews and collaborations. It’s great to pick her brains on her writing process. Some of the attendees also recounted their experiences of the time.

Can’t wait to tuck into this book and review it!

Such a fabulous night! Thank you so much Amanda Hampson.

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