A new journey begins …

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

I am not sure what has happened but since I became a mum, my outlook in life just changed. I had aspirations to become rich and famous. That’s how “you make it” in this world. I was also fearless and a fighter. I fought the struggle – like most humans do – finding that first job, finding my true love and everything in between.

So what changed? I look into my children’s eyes and a warm feeling grows and glows from my heart and flows in my every being. I look into their eyes and I sometimes feel fear, the world is tough out there – a “dog eat dog” world. How can I stop my kids from being hurt, rejected, humiliated and scarred. I can’t!

This is where my outlook changed. And I think it’s a song that my heart has always sang. There is sadness and hatred but there is so much beauty in this world. We cannot run away from the hate but we can promote KINDNESS and LOVE. It is cool to be KIND.

So, my success in life is not measured by the material things I obtained. It’s okay to have those too. But it I am most successful by the kindness I show and help I offer others.

There is a movement of acceptance amd kindness. Let us be a part of it. So this chapter in my life’s journey is of love and kindness – a loving mum, a loving wife, a loving daughter, a loving sister and a loving friend … 90% of the time anyways!