Currently reading @yuval_noah_harari ‘s book – ‘Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind’. It’s quite a thick book so it’s taking a long time to finish. Someone described it as an entertaining book. I thought that person must love punishment. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ But It is quite entertaining indeed. I am enjoying the “fun facts”, studies and argumentsContinue reading “Sapiens”

The Dictionary of Lost Words – Book Review

The Dictionary of Lost Words is not a Disney Movie. It’s an anime. It has a complicated plot with complicated characters and set in a very complicated world. The good guys did not really win in the end. But did they lose?

Say Hello – Book Review

Carly unravelling, embracing and loving her being. She found pride. She found her voice. She found her tribe. Say Hello is a great awareness and educational resource. It is full of information about how you can actually help people with disability written by a person with disability.Β 

Becoming by Michelle Obama – Book Review

Becoming by Michelle Obama – Book Review. At a glance, Becoming appears to be a fairytale story. “Poor” girl from the Southside of Chicago; married the “prince” of Hawaii and they lived happily ever after in a palace called the White House.